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Here is a list of our most desired full service property management solutions that we offer here at CXA.

Residential Property Management

Apartment Building Management

Office Building Management

Retail Property Management

Industrial Property Management

There Is Plenty More We Offer

If you aren't interested in one of our full service solutions, we have plenty of ala carte options. Don't see something you need, please reach out so we can help!

  • Rent Collection
    Rent Collection

    Rent collection has never been easier. 99% of all rents are paid online & deposited directly into your bank account on the 15th of every month.

  • Leasing Solutions
    Leasing Solutions

    Our leasing agents are trained and efficient in making sure all of our vacancies are minimal. We screen and vet every potential renter that comes through our door.

  • Tenant Screening
    Tenant Screening

    We work with top-notch screening partners to make sure potential tenants are real qualified renters. We have income verification, criminal & rental background checks & more.

  • Permit Expediting
    Permit Expediting

    We understand the frustration of working with towns and villages to get the permits required to complete a project. With our network, we make things happen quick and easy.

  • Property Acquisitions
    Property Acquisitions

    Being that we first began with acquiring our own properties, property acquisitions is second nature. We can help assist you from the very first day making the process seamless.

  • Property Maintenance
    Property Maintenance

    Let us take care of all your property maintenance needs whether it be interior or exterior. We have years of experience in both sectors.

  • Property Preservation (Watch)
    Property Preservation (Watch)

    If your property is vacant and you just need someone to manage the upkeep, look no further. Let us take care of all the property needs from A to Z.

  • Tenant Evictions
    Tenant Evictions

    No one likes dealing with uncooperative tenants so let us do it. We have a network of qualified eviction attorneys that get the job done quick and inexpensive.

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